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We ll show you ways to match your accessories that have been tried and tested for a long time Today will be the last day you will wonder which bow tie to match with your suspenders 1 LEATHERS SHOULD MATCH The first rule is that leathers should match other leathers In other words if you wear a brown belt choose brown shoes This is a principle to be respected for an impeccable look and thought out down to the smallest detail Leather should match leather but that doesn t mean you ll have to spend hours at the store looking for the exact belt to match your shoe shade Sticking to the same color family will suffice for this purpose Shoes will determine the color of your other leather accessories nbsp LEATHER BAG No one wants to spend their morning transferring everything from one bag to another just to make sure it matches their belt and shoes Don t worry the color of your bag doesn t have to match your belt This is one of the accessories that...

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