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Bottoms Sub In USA, Sub Bottoms Profiler

Bottoms Sub Many studies are printed regarding classification techniques of ocean floor surfaces victimisation single beam multibeam and facet scan sonars whereas few paid attentions to classify Sub-bottom In USA layers employing a non-linear Sub-Bottom Profiler SBP Non-linear SBP is known for its high resolution photos because of the very short pulse length and aperture angle for prime and low frequencies The developed model extends the energy primarily based surface model Van Walree et al 2006 to account for returns reflection of sub-layers wherever the reflection coefficients unit of mensuration computed consecutive once estimating the geo-acoustic parameters of the previous layer The validation of the results trusted the model stability However physical core samples area unit still in prefer to ensure the results The model showed consistent stable results that in agreement with the core samples information of the studied space The analysis finished that the ...

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