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The 8 types of headphones in India

1 Closed-back headphones These are gaming headsets with a completely sealed back This arrangement allows the sound output to be channeled exclusively until it easily reaches the ear For this reason they emit music and sounds that may not be very natural On the other hand they block out a sufficient amount of background noise which in turn leads to greater sound clarity A major drawback of these headphones is that they isolate you from the surrounding environment Thus you lose touch with reality and may even be involved in an accident They are not safe to wear while driving nbsp 2 open back headphones Open-back headphones are the exact opposite of closed-back headphones In these headphones cases are open because there are no barriers between the drivers and the outside world In fact you can see straight through between the outside and inside of the helmet in some models They have a wider soundstage meaning they allow you to hear music and ...

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