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Relay Module Relay Driver in India

Relay Module interacting with Arduino - Arduino Relay Module To begin with we will control a straightforward LED then we will control a light utilizing it The Arduino can handle the gadgets which runs on up to 5 so to control the gadgets which runs on more than 5 or the A C gadgets then we should utilize a relay module through which we can handle A C as well as DC gadgets Relay Module A relay is fundamentally a switch that is worked by an electromagnet The electromagnet requires a little voltage to get actuated which we will give from the Arduino and whenever it is enacted it will pull the contact to make the high voltage circuit The relay module we will utilize is the STD-05VDC-TIL-C It runs on 5 and we can handle it with any miniature regulator however we will utilize Arduino Pin out of 5 relay module The Arduino Best relay module has all out of six pins three on one side and three on other side On the base side there are three pins which are signal 5 and gro...

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