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The leather jacket is not really a men s staple However it can become a very personal piece that will follow you for years of course on condition that you choose it well One thing is clear it is an investment You can t cheat on a leather jacket This means that if you want to acquire one you have to plan the necessary budget It is important to understand this It is irrelevant to spend 200 euros in a default jacket that will last only two years before being damaged Ultimately you could buy this kind of second-hand item you can find a plethora of them in thrift stores or on second-hand sites Be careful though with period cuts much wider which may prove difficult to wear today Rest assured this article will give you some keys to investing ingeniously What to look for what fit to opt for what style to go for 1 and of course a few tips from matching brands We tell you everything THE LEATHER JACKET A CONSIDERED PURCHASE Buy a leather jacket without h...

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